<Moon, Woo, Blue and Fur>


The very image of denim and that of fur are antithetic. Despite its wide use, denim remains inextricably linked in the public imagination with the working class, evinced by the term “Blue Collar Worker.” On the contrary, fur is still largely seen to be aristocratic. As such, there exists a gap between these two materials.

Woo Park’s first collection, <Moon, Woo, Blue and Fur> explores the possibility of bridging the gap between denim and fur. By using denim and fur simultaneously, Woo Park transgresses the grammar of traditional textile matching.

From boyhood-a topic explored in his previous works-Woo Park carries his leitmotif towards “growth.” <Moon, Woo, Blue and Fur> was first conceived when Woo Park saw a group of young men on their very first night out as adults. The awkwardly ceremonious scene of the boys drinking to celebrate their newly attained manhood took on an apparent solemnity of a rite of passage, in other words, a process of growth. Navigating into one’s adulthood is a disorienting ordeal. The disillusionment one faces at the other end can easily make one feel defeated. Out of this chaotic entanglement of will and emotion, Woo Park teases out a scene which he put into words as a poem.

Woo Park believes that a person grows into maturity through an endless series of “mundane revolution”, which can be timid and bold, or glorious and deprived at once. <Moon, Woo, Blue and Fur> presents the coming together of two conflicting words or meanings through the poignancy of the visual narrative told in Woo Park’s own language. The collection is a tribute to those who have lived through, as well as those who have yet to face disillusionment as a meaningful step towards growth.


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